Hurry it’s Purim

“Hurry its Purim” Those are the words I heard in the Spirit as I began writing this post. I decided rather than go into a teaching on the Jewish observance of Purim I stopped to listen to Holy Spirit. Here’s what I got.

I saw an indoor track ending at Passover 2021

In the Spirit, I saw what looked like an indoor running track. There were hurdles lined up in a straight line. My view was from the last hurdle looking backward. On the hurdle closest to me was written Passover 2021. I understood this to be the last hurdle in the current race. The hurdle just before it was Purim and the one before that was Hanukkah, and the one before that was Feast of Tabernacles. Aha, a timeline, or so I thought. Not as much a timeline as markers indicating the passage of time. (read more – this link direct you to the original article posted on my site: Beyond the Dalet

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Purim begins sundown Thursday February 25, 2021