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Grace in Weakness

2022 A challenging year of Grace 2022 has been a challenging and difficult year. For me, the year began with a major storm that knocked out our power for about a week. Frigid temperatures and no heat. Thankfully, we had a generator that allowed us to keep a space heater running and an electric blanket.… Continue reading Grace in Weakness

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5783 First Quarter – Restore

Tishri, Cheshvan, Kislev, a time of restoration 5783, Part 2 - First Quarter - Restore LINK FOR 5783 A YEAR OF FAVOR Get new posts in your inbox I'd love to hear from you!

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Restored for Going Forward

We are not going back Hi Everyone, dalet I can't help but believe there is something just up ahead that we can't quite see from here. When it comes, we will be glad we navigated our way through the necessary course corrections over the past few years. I believe good things are ahead. This is… Continue reading Restored for Going Forward

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Moving and More

Podcast Episode Recorded Friday, October 7, 2022. In this chat, Betty shares her thoughts on the current transition and the ever expanding insights about the current Hebraic century, moving the eved/ekklesia from where we are to where we need to be. 38:46 Minutes Get blog posts direct to your email. I'd love to Hear From… Continue reading Moving and More


When Transition Gets Hard

Dalet Life Podcast Transition isn't always easy. In fact it is typically hard. Transitions come with loss. Though I talk a lot about transition that doesn't mean I always enjoy the transition while I'm going through it. But, if we want to move forward we must let go of something. Something has to end in… Continue reading When Transition Gets Hard

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Roles are Transitioning

Dalet Life Podcast In this podcast I talk about transition. My thoughts on the role of pastor, five fold ministry and the ekklesia, as we progress through the remainder of the current hebraic century, the 5700's. 38:46 Minutes GET IN TOUCH I'd love to Hear From You email me

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Shifting Through

Transitioning From Passover to Pentecost The Ekklesia of Christ is in a time of shifting. This time between Passover and Pentecost takes us through a process of shifting and realigning. It is a time of acceleration before being activated in a new way. Anyone who has been in any kind of leadership position, whether on… Continue reading Shifting Through

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Change in the midst of Turmoil

Repositioned For A Shift in Direction For the past couple of weeks Holy Spirit has had me revisiting a highly focused and very purposeful spiritual shift I experienced, which began seventeen years ago this month. In fact, it began seventeen years ago this week. That was 2005. It was a strange and confusing time for… Continue reading Change in the midst of Turmoil

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Stepping Toward the New - Time to choose again. Photo Christ's Ekklesia is standing at a crossroads. We are poised before one of the most critical junctures of our lives. All the events of our past, the choices we have made, founded upon our core values, have brought us to this place today. Photo… Continue reading POISED TO ENTER IN

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Transitioning in order to anchor in a new place

"This time of transition you have been isn't just to transition you to a different place. It is to unhook you from where you were so I can anchor you in an entirely new place."

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Transition, Transformation, Restoration & Destiny? Not Again!!!

The Ekklesia is being restored to what Christ intended. We are being transformed from the ineffective church to the empowered Ekklesia of Christ accessing heaven and releasing revelation in the earth.

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Going Beyond the Dalet

Moving Beyond the Dalet is: responding to the Spirit driven shifts and changes initiated by God, by accepting His invitation to make any necessary adjustments in my personal paradigms, beliefs and doctrine in order to align and come into agreement with God's kingdom truths.

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Liminal- A Prophetic Word

Also posted on my Prophetic Words site Thru The Dalet There is a spiritual shift happening right now. We are in it. It is occurring over this weekend. Right now we stand in between where we have been and where we are going. Something very significant is on the other side of the threshold upon… Continue reading Liminal- A Prophetic Word