The Coming 3 months of transition

A Beyond the Dalet Podcast Expect Transition during Kislev, Tivet and Sh'vat 5784 - 28:48 minutes In this podcast I discuss... Directional insight coming through dreams, visions and words from the Lord received in Kislev, processed through Tevet and initiate something new in Sh'vat. This subtle transition will move us from where we to where… Continue reading The Coming 3 months of transition

Dalet, General, Hebrew Letters

Transition, Transformation, Restoration & Destiny? Not Again!!!

The Ekklesia is being restored to what Christ intended. We are being transformed from the ineffective church to the empowered Ekklesia of Christ accessing heaven and releasing revelation in the earth.

Dalet, General, Hebrew Letters

Going Beyond the Dalet

Moving Beyond the Dalet is: responding to the Spirit driven shifts and changes initiated by God, by accepting His invitation to make any necessary adjustments in my personal paradigms, beliefs and doctrine in order to align and come into agreement with God's kingdom truths.


Moving Thru Transition and into Fullness

A Word from the Lord The Lord of hosts says: "I am moving you through transition and into fullness. Even now I am shifting you through the door of transition. I am moving you and taking you beyond the door of transition and into fullness. I am opening the way before you. You will soon… Continue reading Moving Thru Transition and into Fullness