5700 and Beyond – A Glimpse Ahead

My New Site: 5700 and Beyond A Message for the Ekklesia concerning the current Hebraic Century, 5700's, and Beyond Potentially, 5700 & Beyond will be a book. Currently, it's an evolving work in progress. But, why a whole site dedicated to just one book? First and foremost, because Holy Spirit instructed me to do so.… Continue reading 5700 and Beyond – A Glimpse Ahead

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A House Ablaze

An Excerpt from 5780-5789 a Decade of Peh written by Betty Hall The Inner Bet A House Ablaze -¬† Inside the Peh When examining the symbolism of the Hebrew letters one thing we look at is how the letter is constructed. In doing so we might ask; what is inside the letter peh p? In… Continue reading A House Ablaze

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A Decade of Peh

The Spirit of the Lord is is expanding and increasing revelation. There is so much to share that it will literally take the next ten years to unpack what the Lord is releasing to the people of God.

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5780 – The Wind Has Changed

Hey there, Happy New Year - Shana Tova 5780 Today, Monday, September 30, 2019 is Tishri 1, 5780 the first day of the peh decade. Today, I woke up in a whole new place. I'm not where I was just a couple of days ago. Everything has shifted. As a result of the shift, the… Continue reading 5780 – The Wind Has Changed