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My New Site: 5700 and Beyond

A Message for the Ekklesia concerning the current Hebraic Century, 5700’s, and Beyond

Potentially, 5700 & Beyond will be a book. Currently, it’s an evolving work in progress.

But, why a whole site dedicated to just one book? First and foremost, because Holy Spirit instructed me to do so. Secondly, the subject encompasses a vast amount of information. My intention is to share nuggets along the way. The new website will become a storehouse for whatever the Lord reveals pertaining to the remainder of the Hebraic century 5700’s and Beyond. Hence, the name.

Peh Decade 5780-5789
Tsade Decade 5790-5799

We are currently in the Hebrew year 5782. September 10, 2029, we shift from the peh (80’s) decade to the tsade (90’s) decade. The Hebrew letter peh is associated with the mouth, breath and speech. The construction of the peh is a picture of a mouth with teeth.

The Hebrew letter tsade points to the tsadiq (righteous one). It is the epitome of humility and righteousness. The picture is of the righteous kneeling in humility before God.

We experienced a powerful spiritual shift at the turn of the decade 5770’s to the 5780’s in September 2019. There will be an equally dynamic spiritual shift as we transition from peh to tsade in the autumn of 2029.

In less than 20 years, (September 19, 2039) we will transition into a new Hebraic century, the 5800’s.

Tav Shin 700

The current century, the 700’s is identified by the Hebrew letters tav and shin. Tav is a sign or mark; something that points something out, like a beacon or a billboard. Tav is identified with truth. Shin embodies the concept of shalom. (healing, recovery, peace, wholeness, completeness)

Tav Tav 800

If the spiritual shift was significant from one decade to the next can you imagine what that might look like as we move out of the 5700’s and into the 5800’s. A double tav makes the number 800. Eight not only points to a new beginning but is connected with covenant, circumcision, and the number of Hebraic feasts. Pesach (Passover) and Hanukkah hold special significance to the number eight. Eight is also the number of strings on the corner of the tsitsi (Hebrew prayer shawl)

I’ll be sharing more on the Hanukkah miracle later this month.

We are currently in a century connected with recovery, healing and restoration of Christ’s Ekklesia. God is about to pour out a New and Fresh Dispensation of Grace upon the Ekklesia of Christ.

Shifts and change and transition seems to be the order of the day. God is not restoring us back to something we’ve already experienced. He is restoring Christ’s Ekklesia to His intention when He said to Peter:

“And I also say to you that you are Peter, and on this rock I will build My Assembly, (ekklesia) and [the] gates of Hades will not prevail against it;

Matthew 16:18 LST

Visit 5700 & Beyond for updates along the way. Join me on my journey.

The book is due to come out in September 2022.

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