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Liminal- A Prophetic Word

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There is a spiritual shift happening right now. We are in it. It is occurring over this weekend. Right now we stand in between where we have been and where we are going. Something very significant is on the other side of the threshold upon which we standing. There are those who are poised. There entire state of being is about to be altered.

Hebrew letter dalet

I sense right now there is a dalet. Dalet represents a passageway, a doorway, a threshold, an energy that moves us from one state of being to another. Dalet isn’t limited to something static as the Hebrew noun delet means a doorway. Dalet conveys a transitional or liminal state. Liminal describes that state, place or condition of transition, like that place between being asleep and awake. Liminal is the threshold which straddles both. It is in neither place fully yet it is connected to both. Transition is embodied in the dalet. I  sense that many are right now passing through a dalet.

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The picture I keep getting is like that place between asleep and awake. It’s intangible. In a flash we have traversed from one state to another. The passage is hardly noticeable yet we are no longer unconscious. We are only awake. Being awake is not an extension of being asleep. It is an entirely different state of being. It’s a contrasting consciousness. The conditions are completely dissimilar.

Like a weekend connects one week with another and yet straddles both that is kind of what liminal is. It occupies a position at or on both sides of a threshold. The sense I am getting from the Lord is that something is transpiring this weekend. This weekend August 3-4 is a dalet, a threshold. That which straddles the threshold is Friday and Monday. There is something about a three day period of time. Something is changing in the Spirit. This weekend is a passageway. We are crossing a threshold in the Spirit. We are right now in that liminal state.

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We walk through doorways every day without stopping to ponder their significance. We don’t linger in the doorway. We only use the doorway to get somewhere else. It is our means to change. In the time, space, and interval that separates us from what was yesterday and what is tomorrow, there is a passageway. That space may be nothing more than the six inch thickness of a threshold. It may be the time it takes to get through a weekend. These in-between places can sometimes be more significant than we realize as we pass through. The impression I am getting from the Lord is that while this weekend may seem like any other weekend there is in fact something significant in the Spirit which will result in great change ahead.

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This passage isn’t long. I get the sense that it begins this weekend (August 3-4). Once having passed through this weekend something new will begin. It will be the initial stage of a new phase of life.