Moved to Cart

A divine destiny promise is being moved from “save for later” to your cart.

This morning before I was even out of bed I had a quick vision of something. It was one of those split second things. I know I saw what I saw, but I wondered why. One way God shows me something is by using common everyday illustrations to communicate something profound, or timely.

In this case He was communicating timing.

The something that has been in a “saved for later” place is being brought to the here and now. The status from being what seemingly has been postponed indefinitely has shifted. It has been brought forward. That means it’s nearly time for fulfillment.

Before we talk about fulfillment, let’s visit the postponement first. If you are like me you have some promise, or prophetic word God spoke over your life. That word of promise is directly related to the fulfillment of your destiny. That word or vision was probably communicated a number of years ago. Every once in a while it seems God has brought that promised word out on parade, only to have Him sign off on what seemed like another postponement.

I don’t know about you, but the lengthy deferrals have sometimes left me confused, discouraged and at times disillusioned. However, God would remind me that His plans will come to pass even if it doesn’t happen in the time frame I think it will. It has felt like one unnecessary delay after another.

Each time Holy Spirit would say, “soon” I thought I would jump out of my skin. There were even times I would beg God not to talk to me about “what’s coming” because my life needed a here and now answer.

When you are in pain or distress the last thing in the world that you really want to hear is some prophetic word that doesn’t change your current situation. What you long for, in the core of your being, is relief. You want the pain, stress, or hopelessness to end. You want God to care about your here and now, not what is coming later. But, that is our soul (mind, will and emotions) having a bit of breakdown. And that’s okay. It certainly doesn’t feel good. However, our loving Father is completely aware that we are human and that we have limits to what we can endure. He knows breakdowns are a part of the process, even a necessary part of the process. At times it may seem He isn’t as aware of our limits as we are. I assure you He is. He has been aware of our heartache and limitations all along.

He is not uncaring. In fact, He is carrying us through. We just don’t always feel His loving arms holding us close.

Are We There Yet?

Back to the quickie vision I had this morning. What does it mean?

The ‘save for later’ section is like shopping limbo. At the same time, it’s where we keep things we want quick access to. Things in ‘save for later’ isn’t on some wish list we almost never go back to. No, this is where we keep the things we know are going to eventually move to our cart. We keep it there not only as a reminder but for quick and easy access when the time comes. That is what has happened this morning. God has moved something in our ‘save for later’ limbo basket to the here and now cart.



Okay, do I know when we will move from cart to checkout (fulfillment)? Of course not. So, why bother putting it out there? BECAUSE IT’S MOVEMENT. AND!!!!! if you are like me we need to see the movement. Any movement is encouraging. This is encouraging.

In the meantime, hang on. Endure. Avoid getting anxious about going forward or putting your hope in when or how something is going to come to pass. Keep your eyes fixed on the Lord, not on a promise. Put your hope in God, not in what might come to pass. God is not slow. He is always right on time. The promises He has made to us will surely come to pass. Our ability to wait in the midst of this shift is crucial.

For the vision awaits an appointed time; it testifies of the end and does not lie. Though it lingers, wait for it, since it will surely come and will not delay. Habukkuk 2:3

Surely, the Lord will do what He has promised. He will bring His word for us to pass.

Heavenly agents have been released in the earth to ensure that the word over your life moves toward fulfillment. It is their job to facilitate behind the scenes bringing what has been reserved in heaven to fulfillment in the earth. That is encouraging! Forward motion is happening even if we can’t see it. Don’t let discouragement overwhelm you. Take encouragement from the Lord that He is moving things along. He is moving toward fulfillment. Something has moved from “saved for later” to the here and now cart. That means we’re on the threshold of fulfillment. This is a major shift, with angelic accompaniment that will ensure successful completion!


Hope that is put off makes the heart sick, but a desire that comes into being is a tree of life. Proverbs 13:12

Prayer: Heavenly Father, send encouragement, peace and joy into each and every life. Send your heavenly agents that facilitate bringing Your word to pass in the earth realm. Fulfill the promises You have made for each individual. Move swiftly, bringing us through to completion so that we might fulfill all that You have planned for each and every one of us. Amen

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