Defining the Scope

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When writing a book it is vital to define the subjects you are discussing. The work needs parameters. What you aren’t going to cover is equally as important as what you are. 5700 & Beyond is just getting started. What I mean is, a work the Lord has been establishing in me for the past twelve years is getting definition. The focus is specific. I’m really not much of a writer. Oh, I can put words on a page but I don’t consider myself a wordsmith by any means. Nevertheless, it seems God thought it would be a good idea to commission me with such a task. I must admit I’ve been overwhelmed with writing this book. The thought of it is daunting. At the same time, I know what God has shown me. 5700 & Beyond is about just that. It’s about what God has shown me concerning the Ekklesia and the remainder of this Hebraic century, the 5700’s.

I’m not going there

I won’t be discussing what might be considered eschatological topics. (Eschatology refers to those things relating or pertaining to the “last things.” Typically that includes subjects pertaining to the Second Coming of Christ, the resurrection of the dead, and the judgment of the world. That is not my focus. Since what God revealed to me has nothing to do with these subjects I won’t be discussing them. However, it will be nearly impossible for me to go into certain subjects without stirring up the subject. I’ll get into that later.

I will be using the terms millennia and millennium. This should not be confused with being identified with any of the particular theory associated with interpreting end times events. Dispensational Premillennialism, Historical Premillennialism, Postmillennialism and Amillennialism are four very different theories which focus on eschatological events. Each theory is influenced heavily by very particular doctrinal beliefs. I will at times throughout my blogs, podcasts and of course the book, come close to the subject. It will be impossible not to considering the overall scope of my work. Since assumption plays a big role when it comes to passing judgment I will do my best to explain my definition and particular use of certain words. I intend to establish a glossary that will be accessible on my website. I will update that glossary from time to time.

Where Am I Going?

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God has given me a glimpse into His purpose and plan for the Ekklesia of Christ. 5700 & Beyond is a look into the current Hebraic century. We are currently in the Hebraic year 5782. The seven hundreds is identified by the Hebrew letters Tav and Shin. I will be sharing a prophetic picture and the unfolding plan of God for Christ’s Ekklesia for the remainder of this century. There is a divine objective to restore the foundation established by the apostles and prophets with Christ as the cornerstone.

I not only will be going into the remainder of this Hebraic century but the remainder of the current Hebraic millennium the 5000’s. There are eighteen years left in this decade and 218 years left in the current millennium. God has a strategy and purpose for the Ekklesia of Christ in the years ahead. What we do now is important. How we align with His purposes and plan directly impacts the generations yet to come. It behooves us to know God’s plan. We need to fulfill our divine destiny. Each generation has an opportunity to establish the foundational work God intends for their appointed time. As we align with the purposes of God and fulfill our role we create a foundation upon which others coming behind us can go farther, reach higher to become the dwelling place of God among men.

Who is this message for?

There is a great divide among those who identified as Christians these days. Practice and foundational beliefs are blurred. It is not my intention to address every sector of Christendom. My call is to the evedi Yehovah, the bond servants of the Lord and Ekklesia of Christ. It is to the one who has ears to hear that I send a clarion call. There are those who will hear the message and follow up by pursuing Christ, listening to Holy Spirit and finding their place in the redefined currently emerging Ekklesia.

In the weeks and months ahead I will be sharing bits and pieces of my journey. My goal is to have a final draft of the book done by August of 2022.

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