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5782 A Prophetic Picture – The Book

Hi Everyone,

The Hebraic year 5782 began this past week on September 7, 2021. Each year I ask the Lord for direction and instructions so that I can align with what Holy Spirit is doing in my life. Since I started my blog in 2019 I have shared these insights online. This year I felt led to go more in-depth by put the revelation and instructions in a book. I’m eager to experience the roll out of God’s unfolds plan for the Ekklesia of Christ. I am excited to be able to share with you the insights and visions I have been getting for this Hebraic season. I pray this book is a blessing to you.

Here is the link for the PDF of my book: 5782 A Prophetic Picture, A timely revelatory word for the evedi Yehovah, the servants of the Lord.

An Excerpt: Sifting, Shifting and Repositioning for Going Forward

I truly believe that really good things are coming for the Ekklesia. I’ve talked about a time of sifting and suffering that will be followed by restoration. 5782 will be a time of shifting, sifting and seeing new things developing. Those who are on new jobs this year don’t be surprised if there is another shift before this time next year. This is still a time of transition. During the shifts and changes that will continue this year know that God is in control and He has a plan. Rest in His plan. Seek peace and pursue it.

He will give you direction and show you the path you need to be on. He is putting a path right in front of you. For those who have been in a wilderness season, rivers of refreshment are being sent to you. A way is being made for you to walk your way right out of that dry and desolate place and right into the lush oasis God has reserved for you.

While this year may uproot you from where you are it is for the purpose of planting you in an environment in which you will not only survive, you will thrive.

5782 is the year for the evedi Yehovah to be continually prepared and repositioned for destiny fulfillment. It is of utmost importance that the new era apostolic foundation be firmly established. The work these new apostolic leaders are commissioned to do will surface throughout 5782. As they speak into the body of Christ the Ekklesia will shift and realign as the house of the Lord begins to come into new order. It is time for new equipping, and building, for going forward as Christ’s newly empowered Ekklesia.

I pray that as you progress through the year ahead that will have eyes to see and ears to hear what the Spirit is saying to the Ekklesia. That you will be filled with the Spirit of wisdom and understanding. That you will know the path God has for you to take and that you will have the courage, tenacity and great grace to walk that path with confidence.