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Transitioning in order to anchor in a new place

Hi Everyone,

Sometimes when we are in a time of transition you can either write about it or you can live it but you can’t do both. Such has been my lot of late. There are times when I know I’m going through something, but I don’t necessarily assume God is speaking to me for others through those circumstances. It wasn’t until today that the Lord expanded my vision and gave some understanding.

Holy Spirit said to me, “This time of transition you have been isn’t just to transition you to a different place. It is to unhook you from where you were so I can anchor you in an entirely new place.”

As I waited on the Lord, He began to open and expand my understanding. My life has been in limbo for the past year, just like many others have been. During this time of dangling in suspension the Lord has made a number of alterations in me along the way. He has been shifting my understanding, not only what He is doing in my life, but the work He has commissioned me to do.

You know, I thought I knew what God had planned in my life. My mindsets, as well as my context, have been altered dramatically. He has shifted me in ways I never could have received a year ago. He has changed my context in a multitude of ways. He has shifted me so that I can step into something I wasn’t ready for a year ago, or even a month ago.

The Lord has been showing me how He has had His people not only in a time of transition but of being uprooted from one place so that He could secure us in a whole new place, a whole new life. He is not just changing our context, He is going further to rewire, reset, refurbish, renew and revise us in order to anchor us in an entirely different setting, so He can send us forward in an entirely new direction.

This is a time of being recommissioned for a new work. The transition is shifting into movement.

We are moving through transition and into change.

It’s time to be re-anchored and secured in a new way to a new foundation.

God is doing a great work throughout the body of Christ. He is making changes we would not have embraced or recognized as being at His hand a year ago. The shift was necessary so that we not only could see God’s hand in our lives, but be able to receive it and step into now.

Heavenly Father, give us eyes to see You in the midst of the changes and shifts. Grant us Your grace to not only accept the changes you are making in our lives, but grant us the ability to embrace and step into the new anointing and fresh commissioning you are dispensing, as You usher us forth in new dimensions of trust, faith, miracles and power. In the mighty name of Jesus, Amen!