Building in 2021

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Recently launched:

Living Thru and Beyond


Rather than wait until I have all the content ready I decided to launch my new site Living Thru and Beyond – as we become the dwelling place of God. The new site will be the main storehouse for audio and video teachings and course material on subjects such as the Tabernacle, the Priesthood, Hebraic/Biblical Calendar, Devotional Hebrew, the Tribes, and the Constellations. My focus, as always, is on being and becoming the dwelling place of God.

I am looking forward to putting together new material that will include video presentations, audio recordings and slide presentations. Since I don’t have the benefit of a staff it will take time for me to get all the material created and posted. I look forward to growing and learning along the way.

Join me for what I hope to be a creative and insightful year ahead.

The Lord bless you and yours in the coming year.