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Blow the Man Down

Silly song and seemingly irrelevant lyrics, but I keep hearing the rhythmic melody to the sea shanty Blow the Man Down in my spirit. As I pause and inquire, “Is this you, Lord? What are you saying?” I felt led to look up the lyrics that didn’t really speak to me. I was just about to chuck it in when I felt led to check Wikipedia.

Come all ye young fellows that follow the sea
To me weigh hey blow the man down
And pray pay attention and listen to me
Give me some time to blow the man down

Quote from Wikipedia: The lyric “Blow the man down” most likely refers to a common mishap at sea during the age of sail wherein a strong, sudden gale catches a ship with its topsails fully set – the force of the wind, depending upon the load and balance of the ship’s cargo, can actually “blow the man down”, or blow the man-o’-war down into the water, partially capsizing it. When this occurs during a violent storm, the result is almost always a loss of the ship, however there are techniques for righting the vessel in relatively calm positions (cutting free the sails and rigging dragging in the water).

Then the Lord quickened this word to my spirit.

There has been a gale force storm surging over my people and many have been washed overboard in the process. They are being tossed hither and yon and have lost their footing. Let them know that I have them in the palm of My hand. All will not be lost. Yet, know that there are times when the ship will be lost but not life. ‘Let go of trying to shave the ship and cling to Me,’ says the Lord, ‘Your life is in My hands. All is well. Just as I brought My servant Paul through the sea and everyone was brought safely to land, I will surely bring you safely to a haven of safety. Rest in the provision I have for you, not in the just in provision you are used to. I will provide safety, just cling to Me.'”

Click here to read the account in Acts 27 that details the account of apostle Paul’s shipwreck on his journey to Rome

It is the wind of the Spirit that is surging and causing great concern throughout the body of Christ. Churches and ministries have had to close their doors due to covid and have no idea when or even if they will be able to open up again. The landscape of our lives has changed drastically in the past few months. If we hold tightly to the way we have always done things we will get swept away in the storm. It is God’s desire and plan to bring us through this storm. Remember God is the One who quiets the storm, and our Savior is the One who walks on water. He is quite capable of getting us through this difficulty. Just as it was God’s plan to get Paul to Rome the manner in which he got there changed along the way. If we are willing to let go of our current mindsets and way of doing things and become open and willing to embrace the changes the circumstances have forced upon us we will find that God will certainly fulfill His promise and carry us into our destiny.

The Lord bless you and give you the courage and grace to endure whatever storm is surging against you.