Calling Forth the End Time Remnant

The Crucified Ones

Every once in a while the Holy Spirit shares a special present with someone. It’s a present, a gift from the heart of God. blue presentIt’s a glimpse behind the scenes. It’s a sneak preview into what the Lord is doing among his people. These amazing glimpses are rare indeed.

Amos 3:7 Surely the Sovereign LORD does nothing without revealing his plan to his servants the prophets.

On an even rarer occasion a chosen recipient of  one of these special gifts upon open the gift realizes that the contents must be shared with others. Sometimes these gifts are given in the moment.

It is comforting and refreshing to receive a word which applies to your life in some way. I’ll never forget the first time someone gave me a prophetic word. It touched me deeply. It penetrated my spirit. In that very moment that word touched my spirit I knew that God was deeply concerned about me. He knew me. He knew what my concerns were. He knew my deep inner self. He knew things that no one else could possibly know. It was on that day that I was drawn into a love relationship with God. God captured my heart. I was grateful for salvation, forgiveness and the cleansing that came through accepting Christ as Savior. But this was different. This was bigger. This was more – somehow. It went beyond. It started with salvation but it didn’t end with salvation. Salvation and redemption was the starting point. When I received God’s word, His spoken word, into my deep inner being I was altered. The word did something nothing else had ever done before. It comforted. It healed. It brought life. It breathed into me something that I have lived on ever since, every word that proceeds from the mouth of God. I can’t live without it.

When I stumble on a book that conveys the word of God in such a way that it touches my spirit in that same way I consider that book to be a treasure. I think of the author as a precious kindred spirit. Several years ago someone gave me a copy of book. Since then then I have shared it with multiple others. It’s one of those books I read and reread. It was put in my hands at a time I was receiving a glimpse from the Holy Spirit. It was incredible to read that someone else was given a similar glimpse. The year was 2005. The book was published fifteen years earlier. Yet, it was a word spoken in due season for me. It was timely. Not everyone I would give a copy to had the same experience as I did. Typically they discarded the book because of the title. But that was then. And this is now. And I believe this book has a word which applies as much today, maybe even more than it did when the author penned it.

front coverCharles E. Newbold self published his book: The Crucified Ones, Calling Forth the End-Time Remnant in 1990. I don’t know if he knew that the message was intended for a future time. I don’t know if he knew that there was much that the church, the ekklesia of Christ, would have to change before they some could come close to embracing the message. God gave Charles Newbold a glimpse into the character and calling of an End Time company of radically obedient believers who would pursue God and reach upward toward the high calling of God in Christ Jesus.

Read for yourself. His book is available to read online. Or you can purchase ebooks, or paperbacks.

Excerpt: Newbold Jr, Charles Elliott. THE CRUCIFIED ONES

Shortly after the first of the year of 1990, I began to write under inspiration the following chapters which, to my satisfaction, help explain the new thing God is doing today: namely, He is bringing forth a new order of Christians who are of the John the Baptist (Elijah) anointing, preparing the way of the Lord—the end-time remnant. They are forerunners to the fulfillment of the Feast of Tabernacles. I call this new order of Christians “the crucified ones.” I do not capitalize their name for to do so would violate their very nature and purpose in the world today. This study is given to identifying these crucified ones. To best understand this new order of Christians is to see them in terms of how God Himself foreshadowed spiritual events in the three main feasts of Israel’s worship as they correspond to the three courts of the Tabernacle of Moses.

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