Moving Thru Transition and into Fullness

A Word from the Lord

The Lord of hosts says:

“I am moving you through transition and into fullness. Even now I am shifting you through the door of transition. I am moving you and taking you beyond the door of transition and into fullness. I am opening the way before you. You will soon find yourself on the other side.”

This evening, as I was writing in my journal, the Lord spoke the above word to me and instructed me to share it. A door in the Spirit has opened that cannot be shut. Gates, doors and windows are opening for people. These are those which have been shut up for a very long time. Doors which have been shut for decades are opening. Gates which have been locked for centuries are even now being unlocked and flung open. Windows that have been stuck and sealed for years have now been released.

There is a release in the Spirit that is happening right now. Promises that were made by the Lord in prior decades are about to be fulfilled. Things that have been a long time coming are about to be released. This includes provision, but isn’t limited to provision. There is favor being released. The favor of the Lord, being released right now, is opening the windows of heaven. The fulfillment of promises are being released. There are those who have waited on the Lord decade after decade to see His word come to pass. Now is the season of fulfillment.

This is what the Lord of hosts has to say:

“Get ready because the tables are turning. My favor is being dispensed. You will be run over and chased down by my favor. I am turning your circumstances around. I have gone before you and I am opening the way and ushering you through. I am overtaking you with my blessing. I am going out of my way to shower you with my favor. I have made a way where there was no way. Now! I say, Now! The way is open. Now you will see the result of your years of waiting. Now, you will see the fulfillment of My promise to you. says your God.”

Isaiah 55:10-13 “For just as rain and snow fall from heaven and do not return without watering the earth, making it bud and sprout, and providing seed to sow and food to eat, so My word that proceeds from My mouth will not return to Me empty, but it will  accomplish what I please, and it will prosper where I send it. You will indeed go out with joy and be led forth in peace; the mountains and hills will burst into song before you, and all the trees of the field will clap their hands. Instead of the thornbush, a cypressb will grow, and instead of the brier, a myrtle will spring up; they will make a name for the LORD, an everlasting sign, never to be destroyed.”


Heavenly Father I pray, send the harvesting angels of your kingdom to reap the field where your promises have ripened. Grant Your great grace to carry us through transition and into fulfillment of the promises you made to your children. Anoint us with a fresh infusing of your Holy Spirit. Breathe new life into the saints and cause us to fully enter in to all that you have reserved for us in this generation. Now, I pray, bring your word to your pass and accomplish what it was sent to do. In the name of Your Son, Jesus – Amen

The Lord bless you and shower you with all spiritual blessing in heavenly places,



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The power of God’s Spirit intrinsic in the Hebrew letter Dalet