Relationship Series – Face to Face

On occasion I have shared messages from other ministries. More often than not they are from Victory Life Church in Durant, Oklahoma. I have been listening to pastor Duane Sheriff since the 1990’s and he delivers a consistently balanced and loving teaching. As a church they fulfill the commission of Christ to build up the body and equip the saints. This is the first time I’ve actually listened to a message from Jacob Sheriff, Duane’s son. He is as refreshingly honest in delivering a grace filled message as his father. The ministry is blessed to have these men in the pulpit. The rest of us are blessed that they share these messages online free of charge. Check out their website for literally hundreds of messages.

Their main campus is in Durant, Oklahoma, but Victory Life has an online campus as well as other locations in Colorado, Oklahoma, and Texas. The messages delivered at Victory Life are balanced teachings from the Word of God. The leadership is committed to relationship with Christ and others. Jacob Sheriff brings a message, consistent with his father Duane’s heart to educate the body of Christ and equip the body for the works of service through love and grace.

Amazing series on relationship with God and each other. I was greatly encouraged and blessed by these messages.

Face to Face is a series on relationship being taught by Jacob Sheriff. Go to Victory Life Church  and check out more messages to build faith, grace, and love. I pray these messages bless you as much as they have blessed me.

“We are God’s image bearers, but we cannot fully reflect His image without being in partnership with Him and with others. In relationships that remain Face to Face, a space is created for God to reveal Himself to us, and through us, in unique ways”Jacob Sheriff

To connect with Victory Life Church or for more messages from Victory Life visit their website.