General, Prophetic

A clarion call to fulfill your destiny in Christ.

In order share what I received with as much clarity as possible it is necessary to write this word out in its entirety.

Space and time demand that I resort to a book form rather than attempting to restrict this to a blog post.

I am currently working on that writing.

The book will be available as a free download as soon as it’s completed.

This post about that word.  

Change is coming

I received a word from the Lord which has to do with the work God has been doing  among the body of Christ during this past ayin decade. Those who have responded to this work of the Spirit will be transitioning into the next phase of God’s plan. It will be an entirely different experience than what they have been experiencing during this season. While God is at work in the body of Christ as a whole there is a very particular company of people who will be experiencing something which the rest of the body may not be. It is to that select company of people that this particular word of preparation is for.

In this ayin season God has been giving prophetic vision that speaks into the life destiny of the Lord’s bondservants. There are those who have received vision, dreams, words and spiritual experiences which have been speaking into and revealing their God ordained destiny. These saints of God have been receiving much impartation during this ayin season. They have been ministered to by God to equip them for their particular and unique purpose and destiny in the earth. These people have heard the clarion call of God. They have received amazing revelation and insight into who God has created them to be. They are the grateful recipients of angelic visitations, amazing prophetic words, incredible spiritual experiences and revelatory insight which reveal the coming move of God and their strategic placement within that move.

The release of these words, impartations and revelatory experiences have been the means of preparation this massive group of people to move forward into the mandate for which God has chosen them. These are chosen bondservants of the Lord Jesus Christ to fulfill a very specific destiny in the earth. They know they have been called. They know they have been chosen. They have embraced the mandate and are ready to be launched into that destiny. Today, they stand poised at the threshold of great change. Never in the history of the church has there been such a large number of people being prepared and equipped with God’s glory and supernatural power at the same time. It is unprecedented. This mass of people have been receiving the anointing and commissioning of heaven to be launched into service for the Lord to fulfill their divine destiny.

This amazing revelatory company of people are poised for the next phase of preparation. It is a necessary stage of equipping which cannot be avoided or rushed. It is a vital step in the preparation process. This next stage is one that will require great faith and endurance. Many of these people have waited their entire lives to receive the kind of impartation they have received during this last season. Being so fully equipped during this season they cannot imagine anything else being needed before going forward. God has been explicit in His defining of what they will be stepping into and it seems that it is a hairs breadth away. They can smell it. They can see it. They can almost touch it.  

The task for which I have been commissioned by God is to be as encouraging as possible to this company of people. I have been given instructions to help guide this amazing company of people through this next phase. I know what it is like to have a season of tremendous impartation and download from heaven. I know what it feels like to be equipped with the means to step into the destiny for which God has called you. I know because I have been through this. I am one of this company of people. The only difference is that I along with a handful of others have now gone through the phase which many will be stepping into soon.

An overview of this coming phase

I was told through a vision of the Lord in 2002 that God was going to take me through something which when it was finished it would be my task to turn and assist others to go through it.

In the vision of the Lord I was emerging from a tunnel. There was a handful of people who also came stumbling out of this dark tunnel. They were a bit shaken, almost disoriented. As I stood at the exit of this tunnel it was communicated to me by the Spirit what this small group people had just been through. Then I was elevated above the tunnel so I could see the entrance. Beyond the entrance, as far as I could see there was a mass of people going into the tunnel.

I didn’t know at the time of the vision who the people were that made up this huge company of people. Today I have been given insight into the identification of that large mass of people. It is those I described above. This company have been reserved for such a time as this. They have been waiting in the wings while it seemed that others were of their generation passing them by. Some of these people have known they had a call of God on their lives and now that they are getting older they have thought God might have passed them by. However, in recent years God has been pumping words of destiny and identity into these souls.  He has been affirming and confirming the call of God upon their lives with signs and wonders. 

The task for which I am commissioned is to be a help to those going into and traversing through this tunnel. It is absolutely vital that people make it through. This tunnel is dark. It is nearly impossible to navigate even for the most discerning and gifted among us. It is imperative that everyone be encouraged to keep going and not give up. The tunnel is long, longer than one might expect.

The door is opening to a new season. It is important that each individual heed the call of the Spirit to step into whatever it is to which God is calling them.

The word I received from the Lord which describes this coming season in detail is quite lengthy. There is far too much information to put in a few blog posts. The Lord has instructed me to write it out in a book and make it available by the end of July. I am working hard at that task. I am excited for the people of God. There is an amazing future ahead of us. I believe we are on the brink of a massive move of God. This company of people who are headed for this tunnel are not going to miss the move of God. They are going to be positioned so that they can fulfill the destiny call of God upon their lives. This tunnel season is absolutely vital and totally unavoidable. There isn’t anything anyone can do to sidestep this next phase. To do so will short-circuit the plan of God leaving those who jump ship left on the wilderness side of the Jordon (so to speak).


I am currently working on getting this word written in book form so that it can be distributed publicly. In the meantime I will not be writing any blog posts so that I can focus on completing my assignment. Check back the end of July for the book. I will make it available as a free download.