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Still getting the hang of it


First I must apologize for not keeping up with comments. Frankly I didn’t know there were any. I’m still getting the hang of this and things keep falling through the cracks. I had no clue that anyone had stumbled on my site. I’m beside myself. I still wonder what on earth I am doing. I am learning this blogging thing. So I must appeal for your patience as I learn and grow. I know blogging is a big thing out there.

There are moments when I feel a little like Marlin, Nemo’s over protective father. The web is a big ocean and I’m just a tiny clown fish. I swallowed my fears and decided to give this thing a chance. In spite of having to take my computer in for repairs this coming week I am going to attempt to stay on top of things.

I don’t know about anybody else but I really got off track this past week. I left my Good Friday post in draft mode so it didn’t get posted until today.  Better late than never I suppose. I am working on putting something together on the symbolism of the upcoming Hebrew yeas 5780. We are closing out the ayin decade. September 30, 2019 begins the peh decade. Each of the 22 letters of the Hebrew alphabet is like a multifaceted gem which unlike our static English alphabet contains the light of God. This light gives us revelation and insight. Each letter is also a number as well as revealing a word picture, and a sacred symbolic meaning. We will be looking into the unique qualities of the Hebrew letter peh and the insights contained within.

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In the meantime, have a great weekend. Blessings

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