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A Harvest of Eved,

a Firstfruits of Shavuot 5782.

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In my new book, A Harvest of Eved, a firstfruits of Shavuot 5782 I share what God has been showing me concerning the timely release of the amazing collection of forerunner referred to as the eved, the bondservants of the Lord.

In the months approaching Rosh Hashanah 5780, (2019) I had a vision of a wheat field prepared for harvest, which would bring forth both seed for the sower and bread for the eater. Over the two plus years since, understanding concerning this vision has been processing. I now have more clarity in respect to time.

The harvest in the vision I saw was not a harvest of souls. It is not about a revival which results in new believers. It is not in any way connected with evangelism. This will be a harvest of eved, the bondservants of the Lord. This is the Joseph company prophesied about over the past twenty or so years.

These individuals have been in an intense and prolonged season of preparation. The firstfruits of this company will be released this year at Pentecost 2022. (Shavuot 5782) It has been my great honor to share this word with you.

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