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Coming out of a Two Year Season

Going Forward with a New Army

On Sunday, April 3, 2022, I got this word from the Lord:

There are those who have been a barrier, preventing My people from moving forward. These will be moved out of the way, one way or another. Since they refuse to shift and make the necessary changes, they will be removed from their place. If, like Shebna, they have had a self-serving agenda, they will be uprooted from that stronghold they have created for themselves, and My Ekiakims, those who carry the father’s heart, will replace them as head of the household. They will be physically removed along with their influence and stubborn unyielding ways.

Some of these people have held their position for decades. They think their longevity or seniority will continue to keep them in place. But the Lord says, “Be thou removed! You have prevented My people from going forward long enough. Be uprooted! Be removed and cast aside so that My people may enter into all that I have planned for them. This is a new season. See it has already begun!”

The new thing began and has been building and advancing since the Passover season of 2020. We will see a shift toward the promise as we pass over through this Passover season 2022. Count the days, I say, count the days from Passover to Pentecost. Each day will be adding and collecting the momentum needed to enter in and settle in in the new place to which God is leading His people.

Peh Decade 5780-5789

This word fits with something I’ve been getting for the past few weeks. It has to do with a two year season of preparation which began at Passover 2020. That was the first Passover of the current Hebraic decade 5780 (Peh – 80). We are now in the year 5782. This is the third Passover season of the Peh decade. Three is a number associated with completion. This third Passover will be a completion of a two year process of shifting out from a wilderness season and into a time of fullness and fulfillment.

Two years prior to the children of Israel crossing the Jordan into the Promised Land, they experienced a major shift. Deuteronomy 2 records this shift. Verse 14 sums it up nicely.

This was 38 years after we left Kadesh-Barnea, and by that time all the men who had been in the army at Kadesh-Barnea had died, just as the LORD had said they would. ~ CEV

By the time they reached this point the entire army had been completely renewed. Now, they could go forward in a way the prior generation could not. This was a new army. They were no longer hindered or influenced by the voices of the prior generation which had been stuck in place by their fear and unbelief. However, now that every last one of them was gone the whole house of Israel could move forward into the land that held the promise of God.

God has been highlighting to me the season of Passover to Pentecost this year as being a time of seeing the old warhorses being removed from their place. It could be as simple as people who have held positions of authority within organizations will be retiring making room for those willing to step into the new thing God is doing. These have been tenacious people in many ways. They are not necessarily to be disrespected because their stubbornness. Nor should they be maligned for their fear. Like the generation which came our of Egypt, it took great courage to take the steps they took along the way. For reasons we know not of they simply could not go any further. But they do need to be remembered for the contributions they have made. They came out of a horribly abusive tyrannical system. Bondage leaves its effects. It is crippling. Expecting that prior generation to go further than they could would have been merciless. God gave them grace by allowing them to live out their days in a freedom their ancestors only dreamed of.

We are merely a link in the chain. One generation connecting the ones that have gone before us with those who will go after us. Yes, we acknowledge the shortcomings. We point out the mistakes and failures, not for the purpose of pointing the finger and laying blame, but as a warning to not fall into the same traps. We need to remember the difficulties and the challenges that they lived through and honor them for what they were able to do. At the same time recognizing none of us are perfect. We all have shortcomings. We all have something that entangles us. We all have blindspots. The most accomplished among us is still not perfect.

We live in a day when our mistakes are broadcasted for the world to see. Our privacy can potentially be put on a number of public platforms. It is easy to be judgmental and critical, especially of those who seemingly are in our way. Let’s take a page out of king David’s life. Despite knowing that it was he whom the prophet anointed to be king he waited until God shifted the circumstances. He could have seized the throne. He did not. And when Saul and his sons died David mourned. David had a heart after God, not after leading the kingdom and taking the reins.

Yes, we are going is a new direction with a new way of warring. It is going to take a new army to fight the coming battles and take the land of promise. Let us go forward following God’s lead with mercy, grace and love, remembering that Commander of the Lord’s army does not take sides.

Joshua 5:13-14 When Joshua was near Jericho, he looked up and saw a man standing in front of him with a drawn sword in His hand. Joshua approached Him and asked, “Are You for us or for our enemies? ” “Neither,” He replied. “I have now come as commander of the LORD’s army.”

If we expect to win going forward we need to adjust our sights and align our agenda with God. This isn’t about entering into what we want. It is about the fulfillment of God’s word concerning His people.

May God give us the grace to enter into all that He has designed for His people in this hour.

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