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It helps sometimes to revisit things the Lord has said to us. I find comfort and encouragement when I return to the words the Lord has given me. As life progresses it sometimes happens that the words fall fade in my mind. While my spirit has fully received God’s words to me in the moment sometimes life has a way of drawing my attention in other directions. I’m human, incredibly human. While my spirit is willing and able, my mind, will and emotions on the other hand need constant reassurance. So, yeah, I need reminders. When I look back on the prophetic words God has given me recently, I see some consistencies. Subjects such as timing, patience and endurance are reoccurring.

I encourage you to keep a record of the words, visions and impressions you feel God has put on your heart. Date them. Go back to them from time to time. Pray them through. Ask God for deeper insight, counsel and instruction as to what you need to do, if anything.

Typically, I do a year end review. I’ve decided to keep shorter accounts. Periodically I will go back and look at some of the words I have posted. You may notice somewhat of a theme. It seems that timing, and patience are key. Here are the highlights:

June 19, 2021 Why have things slowed down? (read original post)

I thought we were moving forward? What happened?

Here’s what I hear Holy Spirit saying. “Things have slowed down because there is a sharp turn up ahead.” You might be feeling like everything has come to a screeching halt, or at least slowed down a lot. There’s a reason for that. It’s because there is a crazy hairpin turn up ahead and we need to slow down so we can safely navigate the turn. The word the Lord gave was that a turn that was coming up that would be like navigating the sharp corner in Mulsanne on the Le Mans race course. The actual word I got was, “it will be like going through the Mulsanne pass.” I had no idea what that meant. When I looked it up I discovered that the ‘Mulsanne pass’ referred to the sharp corner along the Le Mans course in the French town of Mulsanne. God is getting us ready before He opens some things up in people’s lives. In order for them to make the necessary changes they are going to have to down shift first. Taking things slower will facilitate making the shifts that will be required in order to step into the new thing God is bringing up ahead. It can be frustrating to slow down when we’ve been moving forward at a good pace. But every experienced race car driver knows that down shifting at the right time is just as vital to winning the race as moving at top speed. This is a time to recover, recharge, and rejuvenate. Rest and relaxation are on the agenda. Rest now because soon and very soon the pace is going to pick up. When we enter the straightaway and life gets busy you’ll be glad you took the time now to enjoy the moment.

November 12, 2021 – Moved to Cart (read original post)

A divine destiny promise is being moved from “save for later” to your cart.

Something that has been in a “saved for later” place is being brought to the here and now. The status from being what seemingly has been postponed indefinitely has shifted. It has been brought forward. That means it’s nearly time for fulfillment. Things in ‘save for later’ isn’t on some wish list we almost never go back to. No, this is where we keep the things we know are going to eventually move to our cart. We keep it there not only as a reminder but for quick and easy access when the time comes. That is what has happened this morning. God has moved something in our ‘save for later’ limbo basket to the here and now cart. one CLICK AWAY FROM FULFILLMENT. In the meantime, hang on. Endure. Avoid getting anxious about going forward or putting your hope in when or how something is going to come to pass. Keep your eyes fixed on the Lord, not on a promise. Put your hope in God, not in what might come to pass. God is not slow. He is always right on time. The promises He has made to us will surely come to pass. Our ability to wait in the midst of this shift is crucial. Take encouragement from the Lord that He is moving things along. He is moving toward fulfillment. Something has moved from “saved for later” to the here and now cart. That means we’re on the threshold of fulfillment. This is a major shift, with angelic accompaniment that will ensure successful completion!

December 17, 2021: Steady as She Goes (read original post)

We’re in a Marathon not a Sprint

Keep the pace, stay the course and steady as she goes, are phrases I am hearing in the Spirit. Another is slow and steady finishes the race. Taking it a bit slower, yet with consistent and steady momentum is what is needed. A marathon is about going the distance. And if we are going to go the distance we will have need of endurance. God is saying, “Stay on this course.” Making changes God hasn’t called for will take you on a course that He does not intend for you. Follow the counsel of Holy Spirit. The wind of the Spirit will blow you in the right direction. So take your hand off the wheel. It means not making drastic changes right now. Fulfillment will require listening and adhering to the ongoing commands of our Captain (Messiah Yeshua). He has set the pace. Trust that He will get us safely to port exactly when He has destined for us to do so. Keep it slow and steady for now and you will surely cross that finish line.

Blessings, Betty