A plea for your prayers

My best friend had a stroke

Me with Lynne on the right

I have a prayer request. My best friend, Lynne, went to the emergency room about 1 AM Tuesday morning. We found out yesterday that she had a stroke brought on by high blood pressure. She didn’t have a history of high blood pressure prior to this incident. As you can imagine her family is also in need of your prayers. Lynne is 71 and has other health issues she has been struggling with for many years. One of those issues is chronic fatigue.

Lynne and I have been close friends for many years and roommates for the nine years prior to my shift to Virginia. We are family. Some of you might remember that a year ago I was called away from my home in Illinois to tend to my dying father and elderly stepmom in Virginia. I have spent this past year in there. The greatest difficulty for me during this past year was being so far away from my friend. Many of you can relate, as Covid has cut us off from the people were are used to hanging out with.

Current Status

At this point Lynne is stable, but is going to be needing rehab. Her life will be greatly impacted by this event and likely is going to be logistically very different going forward from here. When life transitions it isn’t always what we might be expecting and this was certainly unexpected. Thankfully, Lynne is alive and will recover. Yet, this will initiate a number of life changes in many ways.

Anyone who has cared for someone else knows the challenges that accompany such an endeavor . Being a caregiver for a 95 year old very independent and outspoken individual I can attest to the day to day demands. It can often be exhausting.

Lynne has three adult children who all have full time jobs. One of her daughters lives with her. In many families there is one person who seems to carry the bulk of responsibility. I don’t mean to imply that the others don’t do anything but it is often extremely difficult being the one who has to communicate to other family members the status and needs of the situation. I’ve been in that position many times over the years. It isn’t easy. You get to hear the hard stuff first. Without have much opportunity to deal with your own emotions and process what you are hearing you are faced with relaying the information to others and get met with their emotional response. Like I said, it can be a real challenge.

Please keep Lynne and the Anderson family in prayer as they navigate this very challenging situation.

I am here in Illinois for the week. My plan is to be back in Virginia next Wednesday. Your prayers are much appreciated.

Thank you, Betty