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WHAT IS BEING SAID ABOUT Angel Armies on Assignment

Barbara Yoder: “This book is probably the most important, strategic and knowledge-imparting one from a revelatory standpoint that I have read in a long time!”

Dutch Sheets: “Sadly, I believe most Christians think more about demons than angels. Only a third of the angels fell, however, meaning there are at least twice as many angels as demons unless our Creater God made a few billion more angels! It will greatly encourage your faith as you lean of these celestial beings and the ways in which they have been assigned to assist you. And no one does a better job of explaining and enlightening us to this than Tim Sheets – no one.”

Robert Henderson: “In these times of clear increased conflict in the spirit world, we need to know how to engage and agree with angelic powers. As a well-respected leader said to me, “God said darkness would degenerate into gross darkness, but tell My people I am sending My angels.” Gos sending His angels and us agreeing with them in their engagement are two different things. Tim Sheets grants us insight into this endeavor. This book is not just a nice thing to have; it is imperative to the times we live in. Read it with much sobriety and seriousness. We are making history and we need angelic help!”

Tim Sheets has been blessed with the ongoing privilege of having seen into and participated with the heavenly spiritual realm. In his second book on angels, Angel Armies on Assignment, apostle Tim shares insights he has gained through personal experience with the angels of the Lord.

This is not just another book about angels. In addition to his hands on experience interacting with God’s agents in the earth, Tim delivers the prophetic message being released to the body of Christ in our generation. Some books on angels give great information. This book delivers more than entry level understanding of God’s spiritual realm, something all of us as

Today’s Believers need to be as familiar with the angelic as those in the first century apostolic era. Angel Armies on Assignment is a powerful tool intended to equip the body of Christ with prophetic insight pertinent to our generation. The insights apostle Tim relays in this book have the potential to not only equip Christ’s Believers, but empower the Ekklesia with the means to unite with heaven as God implements His intentions in the earth.

The prophets have been declaring that a new wave of God’s glory is about to be released in the earth. Many are declaring to America another Great Awakening. I believe we are going to see more than another outpouring of God’s Spirit. I believe we are moving closer to a powerful endowment bringing a new dispensation of God’s grace. It is imperative that we join in union with Christ and align with His kingdom agents.

Angel Armies on Assignment by Tim Sheets is a practical guide. He not only discusses angels but our assignment as the ekklesia of Christ. The ekklesia is being strategically positioned in God’s End Times plan. In order to fulfill our End Times mandate we will need to know the kingdom of God functions. Understanding the angelic realm, how it operates and the role we play within it is essential for all believers.

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