Heavenly Encounters

Heavenly Encounters

Heavenly Encounters Series Episode 1 – Introduction

In the podcast series Heavenly Encounters I will be sharing some of my personal Thru the Dalet experiences such as spending time with the Father, sitting with Jesus, angelic visitations, visiting the heavenly realm and encounters with the cloud of witnesses. I pray you are blessed.

Betty Hall

I was reluctant to share some of my personal experiences because, well, they are personal. Some of which I deem too personal or too holy to discuss publicly. Yet, at the same time I would have loved to have been able to hear about other people’s experiences. It’s amazing when you finally learn that you aren’t alone in your experience. I’ve learned a lot about spiritual experiences both good and not so good over the years. It is my desire to help others along the path of their own spiritual journey.

Through the Heavenly Encounters series I intend to share not only my experience but what I learned as a result.

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