Statue at St. Michaelis Church, Hamburg

It was November 2005 the first time I heard the tares of the soul experience Paul Keith refers to in his most recent vlog. A friend of mine had been to a gathering in Toronto earlier that year and brought back DVD’s of the conference. Shortly afterward I was given a copy of his book Throne’s of the Soul. It seemed that God was trying to get through to me. I find it prophetically ironic that Paul Keith just happened to do a post this message this week. I was going to pull out that old DVD and put it on.

Basically the Thrones of the Soul message has to do with taking authority over what governs all the areas of our soul; our mind, will and emotions, etc. A timeless message worth hearing. Better yet, read the book.  Definitely worth the read. Check out his video blog below.


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The Pursuit of God by A.W. Tozer (Special Kindle Enabled Edition with Interactive Table of Contents and Built in Text to Speech Features) (Illustrated) ... | The Writings of Aiden Wilson Tozer of) by [Tozer, A.W., Tozer, Aidan, Tozer, Aidan Wilson]

Also a fabulous read; the book Paul Keith refers to in the vlog The Pursuit of God. It  written by A W Tozer and is available for .99 on Kindle and is also available on Audible.