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I have been working hard to complete the booklet containing the prophetic word I mentioned in A clarion call to fulfill your destiny in Christ. I am also working on another booklet on what to expect in the Hebraic decade 5780-5789. I will share links to these works in the near future. The first will be “First the Bear, then the Bull”, a prophetic word for the Bondservants of the Lord.  I am planning to post a pdf for download by the end of July. And coming in August I should have an overview of the prophetic picture for the Hebraic decade of Peh.

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I am also pleased to announce that I have officially set up a whole site that is dedicated to revelatory insights, prophetic words and spiritual experiences.  Thru the Dalet is where I will be the storehouse for all things of a prophetic nature. There isn’t much there yet but as I complete the projects I am currently working on I hope to expand the site. Check it out. 

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Please be patient with the ads which appear throughout my blogs. It is my goal to be ad free by the end of the year. I have three sites. WordPress makes it possible for me to do this for free but that means ads will appear randomly. I don’t get to pick and choose which ads appear. I don’t plan on monetizing my sites and want to be able to offer any pdf’s free of charge. In the meantime I beg your patience as I work toward an ad free environment.