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Trying to See Ahead

The Road Ahead is Still Under Construction I don't know about you but I get frustrated when I can't clearly seethe path in front of me. I am not fond of uncertainty. I guess that is where faith is supposed to come in. Being a seer, I see things. But that doesn't mean I know… Continue reading Trying to See Ahead


Tevet 5783

Promise of gladness and joy Today, December 25, 2022, is the first of Tevet 5783. While all Hebrew months begin in the darkness of a new moon, Tevet comes on the scene glowing with the light of the fully lit Hanukkah Menorah. Since the Hebrew day is from sundown to sundown, Tevet actually began last… Continue reading Tevet 5783

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Tishri and the Scales

Keeping the Balance Tishri is connected with balancing scales. In this podcast, Betty talks about balance in the Hebrew month of Tishri

5700 Beyond, Hebraic Calendar

Yom Kippur ~ it isn’t just for Jews 

What’s Jesus got to do with it? Original published on my website 5700 & Beyond Can you imagine walking into church one day, knowing that everyone in attendance has been fasting since 6:00 p.m. the night before, all with united purpose? Add to that scenario everyone in attendance having spent the past ten days in… Continue reading Yom Kippur ~ it isn’t just for Jews