Re-blogged from Wake up Recovery

I stumbled on this article on WakeUp Recovery. This is a great resource check out her website and blog. Remove Toxic Relationships in Recovery by Sherry Gaba | Jul 27, 2017 | Blog One of the more challenging issues for those in addiction recovery is the process of distancing themselves from toxic people. Often, over … Continue reading Re-blogged from Wake up Recovery

The Great Set-Up

The Cost of Legalism I have been re-reading a book I came across in the 1990's; Breaking Free-Rescuing Families from the clutches of Legalism by David R. Miller. It was in the early 1990's that my home church, at the time, was suddenly taken over by an extreme legalist. The man had been chosen to fill … Continue reading The Great Set-Up

You are not hard to love —

(I appreciate what jesscape shares, vulnerably touching.) check out her site at   About a month ago I posted a meme to Instagram from Word Porn, which stated: To date, this post has had more attention than anything else I’ve shared: more views, more likes, more comments, more saves, and more shares. By far. … Continue reading You are not hard to love —