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Roles are Transitioning

Dalet Life Podcast In this podcast I talk about transition. My thoughts on the role of pastor, five fold ministry and the ekklesia, as we progress through the remainder of the current hebraic century, the 5700's. 38:46 Minutes GET IN TOUCH I'd love to Hear From You email me @Bettyhall@beyondthedalet.net

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5700 and Beyond – A Glimpse Ahead

My New Site: 5700 and Beyond A Message for the Ekklesia concerning the current Hebraic Century, 5700's, and Beyond Potentially, 5700 & Beyond will be a book. Currently, it's an evolving work in progress. But, why a whole site dedicated to just one book? First and foremost, because Holy Spirit instructed me to do so.… Continue reading 5700 and Beyond – A Glimpse Ahead