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We are a kingdom & Priests

Established as a kingdom Revelation 1:4-6 VOICE May you experience God’s favor and rest in the peace that comes from the One who is, the One who was, and the One who is coming; from the seven Spirits, the Perfect Spirit, constantly before God’s throne; and from Jesus the Anointed, the Witness who is true… Continue reading We are a kingdom & Priests

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The Nearness of God is my Good

I believe worship determines outcomes. Jack Hayford made that statement in the introduction of his book The Reward of Worship: The Joy of Fellowship with a Personal God. He wrote those words as he reflected on his observation of two devote men on a flight to London from  the U.S. It was just dawn and… Continue reading The Nearness of God is my Good

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Entrance into Rest

If you're looking for a book to dig into this week might I suggest The Master's Indwelling by Andrew Murray. In his incredible book Murray discusses the self life, waiting on God, the kingdom first and the source of power in prayer. I especially like how he describes entering into rest. I copied my favorite… Continue reading Entrance into Rest


Getting Things Done

When I stop trying to get things done I actually get quite a bit accomplished God has so much more for us than just getting our goals met and checking things off our todo list. Just when I thought I avoided getting anything done today I finished a task I've been avoiding. I spent all… Continue reading Getting Things Done

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A message from a father’s heart

A fantastic series on being made holy. I've been listening to Duane Sheriff for over twenty years and his message of righteousness by faith, the good news, has been consistent. He is an anointed teacher with a fatherly heart. He relays the message of what Christ has done for us and the holy fire of… Continue reading A message from a father’s heart

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Drawing from the Unseen Realm – Paul Keith Davis

Thought I'd share: check out Paul Keith Davis' YouTube Channel and website White Dove Ministries  White Dove Ministries Word for the Moment Video Blog Wonderful resources and insights