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Check out Tim Sheets’ New Book

Angel Armies on Assignment WHAT IS BEING SAID ABOUT Angel Armies on Assignment Barbara Yoder: "This book is probably the most important, strategic and knowledge-imparting one from a revelatory standpoint that I have read in a long time!" Click here to Purchase from Tim Sheets Ministries Dutch Sheets: "Sadly, I believe most Christians think more… Continue reading Check out Tim Sheets’ New Book

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Soul Waves, What are yours saying?

To re-record negative soul waves is to come into agreement with what Christ says about us. What that really means is I'm doing the work alone. I do my part. Holy Spirit empowers me to do my part. Christ does His part. He does the work of conforming us to His image, an image of love and acceptance uniquely our own.

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The Nearness of God is my Good

I believe worship determines outcomes. Jack Hayford made that statement in the introduction of his book The Reward of Worship: The Joy of Fellowship with a Personal God. He wrote those words as he reflected on his observation of two devote men on a flight to London from  the U.S. It was just dawn and… Continue reading The Nearness of God is my Good

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Entrance into Rest

If you're looking for a book to dig into this week might I suggest The Master's Indwelling by Andrew Murray. In his incredible book Murray discusses the self life, waiting on God, the kingdom first and the source of power in prayer. I especially like how he describes entering into rest. I copied my favorite… Continue reading Entrance into Rest


Calling Forth the End Time Remnant

The Crucified Ones Every once in a while the Holy Spirit shares a special present with someone. It's a present, a gift from the heart of God. It's a glimpse behind the scenes. It's a sneak preview into what the Lord is doing among his people. These amazing glimpses are rare indeed. Amos 3:7 Surely… Continue reading Calling Forth the End Time Remnant

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Get me out of there!

Leaving Church and Becoming Ekklesia gives more than insight. It is an equipping tool for how and what to do. Tim Kurtz puts practical handles on the process.

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It was November 2005 the first time I heard the tares of the soul experience Paul Keith refers to in his most recent vlog. A friend of mine had been to a gathering in Toronto earlier that year and brought back DVD's of the conference. Shortly afterward I was given a copy of his book… Continue reading Thrones

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A New Wave of Apostles About to Emerge

Where Did This Wave Come From? The apostolic wave that is about to come crashing on the scene has been building for the last twenty plus years. One man's voice comes to mind when I think about apostles, Bill Hamon. While I was not what you could call a Bill Hamon follower, my mother was.… Continue reading A New Wave of Apostles About to Emerge

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First the Bear Then the Bull (download)

A Prophetic Word to the Bondservants of the Lord By Betty Hall - Presented by Thru the Dalet Click here or on the image above to view and download the book Excerpt from the book: Introduction God’s End Times Army God has a unique plan and destiny for every individual. Destiny fulfilled is God’s desire for… Continue reading First the Bear Then the Bull (download)