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A Spiritual Journey Thru the Hebraic Year 5783

A Year of God's Favor The current Hebraic year 5783 began this past Monday, September 26, 2022. Scripture verses the Lord put on my heart for this year are: We will see God's favor show up in four specific ways this year. As 5783 unfolds we will experience God's favor to be restore, His favor… Continue reading A Spiritual Journey Thru the Hebraic Year 5783

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Podcast – Sampson, a picture

In this podcast I am processing something God put on my heart concerning Sampson being a spiritual picture of spiritual condition of the church. Get in touch Do you have questions about our topic? I would love to hear from you! Beyond News Newsletter is a monthly email I send out in addition the blog… Continue reading Podcast – Sampson, a picture


Poised to Enter In

Stepping Toward the New – Time to choose again. Re-posted from Beyond the Dalet - Original Posted 12/22/2021 Christ’s Ekklesia is standing at a crossroads. We are poised before one of the most critical junctures of our lives. All the events of our past, the choices we have made, founded upon our core values, have… Continue reading Poised to Enter In

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Defining the Scope

Photo by Dmitriy Ganin on When writing a book it is vital to define the subjects you are discussing. The work needs parameters. What you aren't going to cover is equally as important as what you are. 5700 & Beyond is just getting started. What I mean is, a work the Lord has been… Continue reading Defining the Scope