Looking at the Year Through the Hebrew Letters

Why I look at the Hebrew Letters While the feasts are a part of the annual cycle they are not the entirety of the calendar.

Spring Cleaning

This time of year I usually do a bit of Spring cleaning. I attack something that has gone overlooked or just neglected. This year it’s

God is there before we are

I love how the Lord guides us. He directs our steps even when we aren’t aware that He is leading us. At the onset of

My First Charismatic Experience

It was a Saturday morning early in the summer of 1967, I was late for Catechism class. I was all of eight years old. I

Just Living

I have started this blog about four times now only to delete contents and start over. It has been a fluctuating work in process since

Dalet – A work in progress

On Going Changes and Developments When I first set up this blog back in January of this year I knew it would be a work

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