5782 Book

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The Hebraic year 5782 began Monday, September 7, 2021. Each year I ask the Lord for direction and instructions so that I can align with what Holy Spirit is doing in my life. Since starting my Beyond the Dalet and Thru the Dalet blogs in 2019 I have posted these insights online.

This year I felt led to go more in-depth by putting the revelation and instructions in a book.

I’m eager to experience the roll out of God’s unfolding plan for the Ekklesia of Christ. I am excited to be able to share with you the insights and visions I have been getting for this Hebraic season. I pray this book is a blessing to you.

Click Here for the PDF of my book: 5782 A Prophetic Picture, A timely revelatory word for the evedi Yehovah, the servants of the Lord.