5700 & Beyond

A Work of the Spirit viewed throughout the Current Hebraic Century

I have a passionate sons of Issachar heart (desire to know the times and seasons) birthed out of intimate love and communion with Messiah Jesus (Yeshua). I long to see Christ’s Eternal Kingdom manifest in the hearts and lives of Christ’s Ekklesia. It is out of this passion that I share revelatory insight received through intimate communion in the secret place.

The call of God on my life is to speak into the lives of the bond-servants of the Lord, the Ekklesia. (The evedim Yehovah,) [Ekklesia is the body of believers whom God calls out from the world and into His eternal kingdom] My desire is to facilitate the Ekklesia as we grow in knowledge, and understanding of our spiritual identity in Christ.

Peh = 80

My focus for many years has been on the spiritual connection and allegoric message contained in the Tabernacle, the Feasts of the Lord and Rosh Kodesh.
Peh = 80

Recently, the Lord gave me some prophetic insight into the spiritual significance of the current Hebraic decade (5780’s Peh). While I was working on putting those insights into a book, the Lord brought me back to a vision He gave me at the onset of the Peh decade (September 2019).

Hebraic year 5783 begins September 27, 2022

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