5700 and Beyond

A Spiritual Journey Thru the Hebraic Calendar

5700 & Beyond

Hi, and welcome to 5700 & Beyond, a spiritual journey thru the Hebraic calendar.

Betty Hall

I have a sons of Issachar anointing (to know the times and seasons). I long to see Christ’s Eternal Kingdom manifest in the hearts and lives of Christ’s Ekklesia (the church/living tabernacle of God) in the earth.

With a focus on times and seasons, I share revelatory insight received through intimate communion in the secret place. By walking in step with Holy Spirit, the Ekklesia continually transitions from where we are to where we need to be.

The call of God on my life is to speak into the lives of the bond-servants (evedim) of the Lord Jesus Christ, the Ekklesia. My desire is to facilitate developing our spiritual identification as living tabernacles in the earth. Through intimate communion with the Living God the Ekklesia is and is continually becoming the dwelling place of God in the earth.

Peh = 80

My focus for many years has been on the spiritual connection and allegoric message contained in the Tabernacle, the Feasts of the Lord and Rosh Kodesh.
Peh = 80

Recently, the Lord gave me some prophetic insight into the spiritual significance of the current Hebraic decade (5780’s Peh). While I was working on putting those insights into a book, the Lord brought me back to a vision He gave me at the onset of the Peh decade (September 2019).

What He Showed Me

In the fall of 2019, at the onset of the peh decade, the Lord took me into a vision that related to the current Hebraic century.

Since then, I have been seeking the Lord for insight and understanding. In my spirit, I knew there was something important about this vision, yet the Lord had not opened my spiritual understanding until recently. All I could do was speculate and draw my own conclusions. That is until a recently when the Lord suddenly opened my spiritual understanding giving me eyes to see and ears to hear. He has given me prophetic vision concerning one way the Spirit of the Lord is moving and the work He is doing among the Ekklesia, during the remainder of this Hebraic century.

Over the years, I’ve noticed the subtle, yet profound, shifts in the Spirit which occur as the times and seasons change from one Hebraic year to the next. That impacting shift is even more significant surrounding the changing of a decade. Even more striking is the significance of the shift at the change of a century.

Since 2019, I have been pondering on what the Lord revealed. Recently, the Lord has shown me that this will be the main focus of my outreach. There is much more involving this subject than merely the calendar. The subject is what the Spirit has been doing and will continue to do. That work involves the restoration, recommissioning and fully empowering of the Ekklesia.

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The Ministry of 5700 and Beyond
Tav Shin = 700

5700 is the current Hebraic Century. It is identified with the Hebrew letters Tav and Shin. Over the years the Lord has revealed insights derived from the Hebraic letters associated with the current Hebraic year. These insights reveal an aspect of how the Spirit of the Lord is moving through that particular spiritual season. Each year builds on the previous.

In 2019 I had an experience with the Lord in which He showed me a timeline that spanned the current Tav Shin century, the 5700’s. He began to speak to me concerning the work of the Spirit being done in the Ekklesia. God is doing a work of healing and restoration. He is restoring the Ekklesia and preparing us for the greatest move of God since the days of the early church recorded in the book of Acts.

The Ekklesia is entering a NEW ERA. This isn’t just a new prophetic season. We, the Ekklesia of Christ is being prepared for what the Lord has been calling “A NEW DISPENSATION OF GRACE” We live in exciting times. The Spirit of the Lord is moving throughout the earth, breathing fresh life into the Ekklesia. Since my encounter in 2019 the Lord has been unfolding and uncovering a mystery relating the current Hebraic century. This mystery reveals what the Ekklesia is being prepared for, where we are in the process and why it is absolutely vital that we know the times and seasons of the Lord.

Through the ministry of 5700 and Beyond I share insights received from the Lord that pertain to the Hebraic calendar. This includes Rosh Kodesh (the Hebraic Months), The Annual Feasts, and the revelatory mystery revealed through the Hebraic letters associated with each year, decade and century, and beyond.

The History of 5700 and Beyond

There is so much to share on this subject than I can go into in one post. Even a series of blog posts won’t do this subject justice. Below, I share a short testimony of what led up to 5700 and Beyond.

In 1985, the Lord spoke to me that one day He was going to have me write a book. He did not reveal the subject until now. 5700 and Beyond is the book God revealed to me over thirty six years ago. One thing the Lord told me in 1985 in reference to the book was that it was going to take twelve years for me to write it, because I was going to have to live it first. I had no idea what that meant, or what I was going to have to live through.

Something new began for me on September 19, 2009 (Rosh Hashanah 5770). The Lord launched my life in an entirely different and unexpected trajectory. He gave me a series of visions and spiritual experiences which gave a measure of insight but I still had no clue what they were about. I had no idea at the time that those experiences would one day be preparation for what I am doing now.

Then in December of 2019, only a few months into the new Hebraic decade of peh, God took me into a vision. The vision was multi-dimensional. Insight was imparted yet, unbeknownst to me at the time, more insight would come over time. That initial vision was also a catalyst. Looking back, I can say, what I didn’t know was a lot. I didn’t have a clue that I was being directed on a very particular course.

I am not a Bible Scholar.

I don’t have a Master’s degree in divinity or theology. I’ve never been to seminary. What I have is revelatory insight from the Holy Spirit. God has blessed me with a sons of Issachar anointing to understand the times and seasons.

Coming Soon ~ The Book ~ 5700 and Beyond

A Prophetic look:
into the remainder of the Peh decade (5780’s)
into the remainder of the century (700’s)
into the remainder of the millennia (5000’s)
a prophetic peek into what lies beyond.
The Sixth and Seventh Millennia

I will explain more in the weeks and months ahead. At this point, my plan is to do a series of blog posts and podcasts, as I work on compiling and constructing the book.