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First the Bear Then the Bull (download)

A Prophetic Word to the Bondservants of the Lord

By Betty Hall – Presented by Thru the Dalet

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God’s End Times Army

God has a unique plan and destiny for every individual. Destiny fulfilled is God’s desire for every human being. Everyone’s destiny is vital. No-one’s destiny is to be viewed as less than or greater than anyone else’s. There is no hierarchy or competition in the kingdom of God. Not everyone is called to the same thing. Yet we are all called to walk by the Spirit and extend the love of God to the world around us in the manner and expression for which God has uniquely fashioned us. There is no other you. No one else can be you. Only you can be you.

End Times Bondservants

The days of arguing over whether the gifts of the Spirit are for today are over. If we are to embrace the call of God we have to embrace greater maturity. Our pet peeves and doctrinal agendas must be set aside in order to come up to our divinely appointed position of being seated with Christ in heavenly places. There is something far more crucial than being angry that some believe in tongues while others don’t. The organized church has been focused far too long on personal earthly agenda rather than an objective based on heaven’s agenda.

There is however, a growing number who realize that these age old debates are a waste of valuable time and attention. They are casting off everything which might distract and deter from fulfilling the call of God. People are running into the arms of the Lord and find themselves running out of organized religion. The body of Christ is beginning to pursue God rather than church. For a long time now, God has been calling His children to work with Him not for Him. He has been challenging us to radical obedience and a form of consecrated living which is foreign to many church goers. God has sounded a clarion call to those who have the heart of a bondservant. Those who have ears to hear are responding to that call.

We are living in the midst of an exciting transition in the body of Christ. There is much happening in the realm of the Spirit as preparation for a coming move of God in the earth. There is a great shuffle going on. God is strategically moving people into positions which will launch them into the destiny role for which He has prepared them. The body of Christ is pregnant with a multitude of these End Times bondservants. Like race horses at the gate, these warrior lovers of God are poised. Their ears strain to hear the bell sound and the gate to fling open. Full from the deposit of God downloaded during this current season they are gearing up for the most incredible and awe inspiring work of God to be seen on the planet. The air is charged with a mixture of excitement and fear. The rush from the Spirit of God is intoxicating. We don’t just have front row seats to the End Times PreGame events; we are participants.

The undertaking of preparing God’s End Times army is underway. This enormous enterprise involves a massive amount of people encompassing a wide range of cultures, ethnicities, affiliations, backgrounds and generations. This chosen company of people are a part of the End Times strategy to shift God’s people out of man’s traditional version of church and into the living manifestation of the kingdom God.

God is releasing His End Times agenda and a number of prophets, pastors and ministers have been pointing in that direction. The Spirit is calling and the saints are responding. They are abandoning religious structure and traditions of men. God is calling His bondservants into radical obedience. Vast amounts of people have been getting repositioned and realigned in recent years. They are not merely shifting from one denomination to another. They have been casting off the constraints of what they deem dead religion. Rather than pew sitting or conforming to the dictates of organized religion, these brave souls are embracing the freedom to walk with God as the Spirit directs. They are devoted lovers of God. These champions of the faith are the modern day bondservants. It is to this End Times company of bondservants that this prophetic word is addressed.

Getting Ready

In more recent years this company of people have been receiving unfathomable words from the Lord, pertaining to the destiny of God upon their individual lives. These fantastical ideas not only pertain to specific ministries of healing and power, but other equally amazing and mind-blowing ideas. The notion is unlike anything most church goers would hear preached from the pulpit. It is beyond comprehension. Yet it is happening in our generation. Not only are these words extraordinary but the manner in which they are being received from God are equally amazing.

Things are being set up for the most awesome move of the Spirit since the day of Pentecost. In order to usher in the Second Coming a new dispensation of the Spirit will have to be at least as powerful as what was established at Pentecost if not more so. I whole heartedly believe that a release of this new dispensation of the Spirit will begin now and culminate with the second coming of Messiah. Heaven has already been releasing aspects of what was once thought to be reserved for the hereafter. God is equipping people and preparing the earth for that great event. We are beginning to see the restoration and rebuilding of the fallen Tabernacle of David in our day. In unprecedented ways the saints of God are being equipped for the rolling out of this new dispensation.

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