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Live Beyond the Shadow

What is the Shadow Side?

The Apostle Paul referred to the Feasts, Sabbaths and new moon (Rosh Kodesh) as a shadow of what is to come. (Col. 2:17) The author of Hebrews used the term shadow of things to come in reference to the Tabernacle of Moses, the Temple, and the ministry of the priests as a shadow of heavenly things (the True Tabernacle). [see the scriptural references below]

The Shadow Side is the ministry of the Tabernacle/Temple in this earthly realm. More specifically Hebrews 9:9 refers to earthly Tabernacle as an illustration (NIV) or symbol (NASB) or even a parable (ERV) of the present time.

The earthly Tabernacle/Temple is the illustration or parable of the means for approaching God. The Shadow gives us a picture of the True Tabernacle which is in heaven. (Heb. 8:2) Beyond the Shadow Side is a glimpse into the heavenly or spiritual aspect of…

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