A Living Parable

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An Unlikely Parable

Bloch-SermonOnTheMountSermon on the Mount by Carl Bloch (1877)

When I think of parables I think of Jesus and the Beatitudes, or the parable of the soils. My thoughts go to any of the illustrations and stories Jesus used when describing the Kingdom of Heaven or the End of the Age. What I don’t think of as a parable is the Tabernacle. I see the ministry of sacrifices and priestly intercession of the Tabernacle as pointing to Christ’s role and what He would ultimately fulfill. I see it as an illustration pointing to the heavenly. But today how I think about the Tabernacle has dynamically changed in light of one Greek word used in Hebrews 9:9. I know nothing about Greek except how to look it up in my Bible software. I am more familiar with Biblical Hebrew and even that is limited. However, I stumbled on something that…

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